Why Tenders Online?

On the move companies in the manufacturing,construction, engineering ,sales,leasing and the supply sections looking for new business opportunities.

To grow and expand their business yes?

Question: Then how will tenders online help my business?

The Tenders Gazette online will help you combat tight tender closing times with DAILY UPDATES and search tools you will soon see that evident. This will help your business grow in these uncertain times.

We have endeavored to make this site quick and easy to use, so you can find Tenders fast.

Features of this web site. The Tenders Gazette web site provides a way of targeting the tenders you are interested in. You might like to view the most recent tender: tenders for a particular region, or even by city which mention a particular topic, service, or word - for example "garage".

Along with the tenders building permits are available for various councils. You can select permits from a specified council and then search for a key word for example “ garage".

There is an editorial on new products and projects this is on the news page. It will highlight products that have recently been launched along with contact information.

Project news again can be found on the news page. This gives you up-to-date information on expos, awards and articles on the industry leaders.

When is it updated?

The Tenders online Gazette is updated on a daily basis.

How does it work?

We will soon add a video demonstration that explains how the search facilities function and that a key word search is fast and easy to use.

You can have a look as a guest user to peruse the site and this will allow you to view only the closed tenders.

Username is guest and password is guest all in lower case

We know you will soon be able to picture tenders online to help you grow your business.