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Getting Started

viewing and interacting with the 3 D publication of New Zealand Tenders Gazette.


To commence viewing the 3 D tenders issue you can simply flip through the publication by dragging the corners of the pages, as you would do with any printed publication.


When you draw near to a tender or building consent you would like to peruse simply click with your mouse on the area.


Should you wish to zoom in, right click your mouse and this will bring up the zoom option. The text will focus and be easy to read.

There are multiple ways you can navigate through our publication. Move your mouse right over to the left of the computer monitor and this will bring up a help menu that gives you an easy read and comprehensive instructions on how to peruse the publication.


You will find it more enjoyable if you have the publication set to read in a single page format and choose the option zoom to browser width so your page will fit snugly into your Internet browser. This then catches the page making it a breeze to maneuver.

All you have to do is motion the mouse in an up or down direction to read the content of this page


By designating the thumbnail option to the page, you can view a section swiftly.


By clicking on the magnifying icon this allows you to search the entire publication for the key words you have entered  e.g. concrete - roading  -building, this will guide you  to the section and tenders required. 


We trust you enjoy navigating our 3D tender issue. We are excited to bring you the latest tools this technology has to offer.

The Tenders Team.